The Soul Compass


  • Our 21st century society is fraught with extreme tensions created by our collective human shadow. Pointing at others as the source of the problem while neglecting our own inner work endlessly feeds this continuum….

    Roman-mosaic-know-thyselfA memento mori mosaic from excavations in the convent of San Gregorio in Rome, featuring the Greek motto.

  • There’s an endless deflection and projection of our shadows onto others, instead of taking full responsibility for ourselves. There has never been a more potent two words strung together than “know thyself,”  but ironically there is a vast, endemic aversion to facing the truth about ourselves. How we feel and our behaviour are on treadmills going nowhere if we ignore what is eating away inside us. Many are in a deep dark trench of unresolved inner battles. The endless conflict between the entrenched wounds and the spirits need for resolution leads to patterns of exhaustion and spiritual inertia. Through introspection and healing work we discover that we are most often the cause of our hard inner plight, but also powerful enough to be the cure.
  • Mental illness is pervasive; we have become deadened by depression, emptiness, loneliness, stagnant relationships, lack of creativity and time in nature. We have in fact become “DE-natured,” hollowed out, stressed and anxious from lack of nature, time in the elements from which we are a part – quietude and solitude gifts a deepening of the self, but we often avoid these things as well. We have runaway to fantasy and escapism, and have conformed to false security and convention to keep us safe and comfortably numb. More often than not we have enough or more than we need, but are quick to complain about the deficit of things that we should have in order to start being happy. There will never be enough “material stuff” to fill the spiritual void, and we blame others for not providing it. We have simply not matured emotionally, have not grown up, have not been initiated into adulthood or been mentored with wisdom. Our manipulative capitalistic environment mirrors this and supports this. Our leaders always let us down; people don’t live up to our expectations…
  • There is a polarized re-activeness to these myriad situations and they clearly reflect our lack of self-governance as sovereign beings. Our deference suggests we prefer others to be responsible for the state of the world, to be our hero and leader as well as our scapegoat. The microcosm always reflects the macrocosm and vice versa. When confronted by our own truth we react in anger, we carry a chip on our shoulder as a defence mechanism to keep our shadowed wounds protected. Our ego’s become inflated, overcompensating for the deficit inside us. We are endlessly needy for attention, with “selfie” like addictions looking for recognition – to be someone special either in a worldly or spiritual sense or both. We need to let everyone know how gifted and spiritual we are, instead of getting on with our work in a dedicated way and letting it speak for itself. We are competitive and greedy to be number one, and paint false pictures of ourselves of “having it all together” while in complete denial of what’s really going on inside us. Worse we have to believe in our mask, because what’s buried beneath is too scary to look at.
  • Common courtesy has become uncommon, grounded wisdom and basic admirable human traits have eroded. The generous heart as well. We really need to face the hard truths and do the hard work to be rid of our shadows. They are valid shadows for valid reasons, but they are projected out onto others and the world, and only deepen the chaos. If we take more conscious responsibility for ourselves, we by default give something back to our nature, our Mother Nature which is in dire need, our fellow human beings, our ancestors, spirit world… “all our relations” benefit. It’s time to stop running and face ourselves clearly; our directionless, neglect, abandonment, abuse, fear, loneliness, indolence, anger, distrust, depression, apathy, insatiability, hedonism, dysfunctional relationships etc… We know the story all too well. It’s the law of nature that we grow and change, if we refuse this we stand outside the natural laws and rhythms of life and we collectively stagnate and degenerate. It takes a commitment to ourselves to embrace healing; with fortitude we find the right necessary growth and change. Make it a priority, what could be more important? Life passes quickly by, and this is our opportunity to truly live.
  • Once we become conscious of the part we play in both our own suffering and how that impacts on everyone and everything we are woven together with, it quickly becomes apparent that embarking on healing is a fundamentally compassionate act, for more than just the self. Facing our hurts and fears we discover they are not as monstrous as when we ran from them. Releasing what has held us back from the potential of life makes room for so much that is spontaneous and new to enter. Many teeter anxiously on the edge of stepping boldly towards their healing. Half in and half out of fear; who will I become if I uproot this old familiar version of myself? Can I face experiencing all I have held back? What will people think of me? How will I support myself? These are primal foundational fears that have got a grip on us, because of our untended “wounds” they can become parasitical energies that are fed with our fears. Will there be an identity and/or economical crisis? The immature ego and its inflated sense of authority are afraid of losing control. Healing shape-shifts our delusions into a balanced wholeness that is integral to our expansive nature. Are we ready for this type of personal responsibility, or is undertaking this needed journey a dose of too much Reality?
  • Instinctively we know what is needed. Sideways attempts will not transform us, more “likes” on face book, another workshop, certificate, and school, another book, another teacher, another purchased identity role will not defeat the “hungry ghost” that broods and swims in the dark pool beneath. Our true power lives in and outside this world. We are in and of nature. Power resides with our spirit and ancestral allies. It lives in our soul’s eternal expansion, expanded consciousness, meaning and purpose. If we delude ourselves we cut ourselves off from our spirits flight. It’s sad because we all have the same potential to be happy in RELATIONSHIP with a greater world vision. To walk upon our deep mother as sovereign beings with natural self governance, with greater understanding, awareness and sensitivity of our place in the world, we become holistic beings, a true part of the whole we make the world a better place to live. We cannot put ourselves on a pedestal, or live in an ivory tower because our work is” spiritual” or “healing” in its nature, this is tragic and doesn’t fit into the balanced circle of life, the brotherhood and sisterhood. Self-absorption is a rampant disease. We could do with more modesty, good humoured self deprecation and humbleness from time to time, to say the least. There is an individual and collective wound to be healed, a karmic debt in our world – we are all responsible to our past, present and future. A collective healing must be fully recognized and honoured for healing to flow, not denied and hidden in New Age platitudes.

    True healing work is not magic, although sometimes it can seem that way through spiritual encounter, due to radical inner experience and perspective shifts. Through healing, a longed for authenticity and life dynamic returns. Simply feeling completely different can change the course of one’s life… True healing quickens you into becoming the whole person, with all the potential that implies. We all carry unique gifts born from the stars. Healing holds a deep mirror into awakening, reflects starlight into old injuries inflicted from others or from living in very difficult environments. These people and environments still live inside us and inform our daily perspective and paradigm. The energy of these abuses and betrayals dictate our patterned behaviour and self-fulfilling defeat, unworthiness, lack of confidence etc…

  • All this can change; a good healer can awaken us, and help guide us out of the dark steep valley, but not without you actively seeking it for yourself, and not without your own determined commitment. The healer needs to be met at least halfway. Lives can and are completely changed around by the shared commitment of both the healer and client. Shamanic Healing is not psychotherapy, but a much more holistic approach of working with energy, the spirit and ancestral allies, ritual and counselling. We step outside of temporal time to do the work that encompasses the past, present and future. These are not sessions designed to just make you feel good through the senses (although they often do) and conversation, but deep work and commitment to life altering trajectories toward a fulfilled destiny. 

  • This is what really being alive demands of us, that we will not freeze up in fear when it comes to change, it is required for growth. Personally I don’t attach bells and whistles to entice people in – it’s more a simple, steady committed approach within a shamanic framework of profound and time honoured healing practice. It takes many years of devotion to embody the medicine of the wounded healer who is balanced, grounded in wisdom, spiritual stamina and practicality. A person seeking healing eventually finds the healer that is right for them; it’s my experience and belief that they are led to each other. Many people come into this world with certain natural inherent gifts, but they need to be cultivated with constant work, nurturing and service – the chosen work in a way – isn’t a choice, often “the path” seems to choose you!. There’s nothing better than to experience the heart and spirit shine from people who are firmly grounded. A fractured spirit is a fractured earth.
  • “Let it be clear in the sky, let it be clear on earth, let it be clear in the soul.”