The Silencing


This silencing

Sojourn of the panthers gait

Scratching the moon hollows

This silencing of the knife

Of technology flayed open in public

Souls that left their bodies

Keepers of caged light

With imaginary trophies

Penciled in dreams

No one saw the underworld rise

Rabid for the unconscious

Ranting from their shadows

Shriveling life with self indulgence

Others worked medicine into their shadows

Found their relationship with roots and leaves

With the priest of pollen and beetles

The scholar of driftwood

Briars before the blood

Staking out a claim

Crow robbers laughing

In a vortex of wind

Thudding beat of wings

Across our sacrificial bodies

Scree sliding for those who would not weep

Let water go from their inner clouds

So flowers would not grow or show their color

Words and thinking were vacant kingdoms

Tired pain waited idle in passing camps

Of nomadic truth bridges of silence

Supported by sound structures of peace

Devoid of form numbers wouldn’t add up

Subtract or divide cycles of time lost their way

In multitudes making noise with their jaws

No longer coherent but proud

Proud shadows

A longing sun

Overworked flowers

Prayers that would change

With the new reality thrust upon it

Clouds cooked

The continental shelf stretched into archipelago

Into coral dropping off into abyss

Nature would not conform

We would not conform to it

Unwilling to sacrifice for the better

We held our precious comfort of things

While our light was leaking

Light was leaking from a nebulous moon

The humus of night dream

Between each color of the artist execution

Another color was growing

A presence stretching across the skin

Glacier of beauty across the briny water

Earth shakes moving her arm around

What did not love her

Bone setter comes with a whistling

Offering of yellow roses risen from thorn

A sentient calling from perched crow

Through wavering pine past darkness of fear

Liminal confluence through unfiltered senses

Teeming with primordial spirits in the deep

Weaving a sacred contract in the sanctum of the soul


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