Dream of the Cailleach & the Otherworld

Crowspells best P1000462

I had a dream of a Cailleach who lured me over to her woodland cottage where Fey creatures lingered about.  (Two giant Groundhog looking creatures were her allies, these were mischievous creatures towering upright, one of these creatures snatched her flowers from outside the cottage and voraciously started munching on them as she shook her cane yelling. Then she started laughing at the sight of it running away to the forest while manically eating.  As I just stood there watching this in wonder, the old woman turned and walked up to me.  “At first I thought you were one of us.”  She said.

She got me to walk with her, and started describing who I was – as she knew me deeply.  While she was talking, something made me look up and I watched thousands of falling leaves from gently swaying trees, in a strange watery, but light filled sky.  (It was not raining, but was similar to seeing through water.)  It was incredibly beautiful and I was moved deeply to tears trying to describe it.

I then heard a sound like an angelic choir, but not.  It too was otherworldly like what I was seeing.  The sound was profound beauty and the beauty was sound, they were one.  And the beauty/sound was nature and the nature sound was divine.  I tried matching my voice to what I was hearing and seeing to integrate into this wholeness.

(The painting above acted as a harbinger to the dream)

Where heaven and earth meet,
Where we are “in the world, but not of the world”
a divine presence informs our multiplicity of being – inside and out…
With strength, grace and steadfast integrity
let us commune with the spirits, the ancestors and deities
in a tireless Call and Response.
Let us sound out, express our true natural creative fire.
Let us dance with lightning and muse with the sun
ignite the world with loving beauty and passion
so that we merge with our divine inheritance
and let the rhythms and cycles of our honored earth inform who we are…