Bones Of Your Mother

Marry to me a drone of bees over my body

A returning river of indigenous tongues

Drumming and dreaming on the mountain

A skein of songs floating on the abyss

Sonorous last cry lost language of our earth

Blanched continents adrift

Old watchtower eyes watch the world float away

Dreams perforated by dark glaciers

There’s a storm and pensive moon inside me

A horse tail moving wind into bone memory

A rough draft of my many lives floundered and jeweled

With stone fingers in the shifting sea

Gull shakes water from my wings

For the tide pools of consciousness at the edges of the soul

I build a hut for the deep sanctum of silence

To live inside with hives, skeps, and bells of fire

For the library of souls living in their own hell

Skeletons living above their bodies

I bring you seaward

With your stone pennies for insatiable hunger

With your masked delusions

Far from the green bones of your mother

Shadow of crows across our breath

Let me bring you new tattooed stories

Across your calcified cage

With my animal body I meet a spider

Inside a hollow sheep bone

I find the medicine you need to weave

Yourself into another


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