Foraging For The Light


Between these aging words

Try gathering energy

From a forest that has disappeared

Keep whittling down

Your threadbare thoughts

Into the earth weep


River coursing erratic platelets

Demanding cracks in our stone truth

In the pores of her voice

The rain keeps raining

Distilling music out of silence


Between these margins of empty time

Nebulous cloud distractions

Underworld time deposits

Pumiced stars in the bird spell

The bird in us might erase its trail


Or swim the umbilical back to our mother

Back to her mother and her mothers mother

Without cloud or whirlwind in our stories

On the path to song in the bear silence

In the bear silence in the fur

Foraging for the light

Beneath our feet and claws

Risen Inside our heart

Where it weeps sighs and sings


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