Wise Elf and the Skeleton Council

Snakey snakey be true BEST

The Wise Elf


I came to meet Alfred through the unbridled guidance of two Shetland Pony colleagues

Maybe you have heard of them

Coauthors of Indigenous Earth Wisdom and its Cosmological Intelligence

They gave me a neigh and nod towards the wee hilly copse behind our faded thrift cottage

Where Alfred was leaning against the central rowan tree not yet berried

Alfred’s symbolic surname is Old English for Elf Counsel or Wise Elf

He wasn’t the type to suffer fools lightly as they say

Or so I was warned by my pensive pony companions

Those clever enough to capture his charged runic utterance

Felt they had just magically acquired the relished words of a ghost writers dream

And immediately rushed off to create movie adaptations for the art house circuit


Leaping forward over a protracted chimera of time

I vaguely remember Alfred agreeing to mentor me

Mine was a deep purr of a large feline sated

As I felt my indecipherable dreams being fused

To a resurrected narrative titled Alfred’s Store Of Talking Skeletons

A shop where he kept all finely ossified mineral rich bones of humans he thoroughly knew

The alluring secret was that ONLY the unconscious skeletons were ever sold as decoys

They were the thin dimwitted skeletons

Profiled as exotic commodities in limited edition

This was not a con but a paradoxical strategy

That these most expensive remains were aimed at global leaders

A ploy for corrupt powerful people all over the world to buy them as rare artifacts

Store revenues were secretly channeled back into consciousness raising efforts

The locals were horrified by this garish commerce

But this was the most elevated fashion and outrageous trend of our times

Mostly they were bought for their rare vintage hats with large black feathers

And burnished oval beads that twinkled and dangled from cervical vertebrae

Transaction agreements clearly stated NO select parts would be sold for totemic or fetish usage

Buyers were required to purchase the whole corpus

This cut out the more deserving people from having a chance at being hoodwinked

And once these uncanny undercarriages rolled out of the storefront they would refuse to talk

Rumors said they could but even under grave threat all remained silent

Note for the record there was never a protest of buyer’s remorse over this

Just acquiring a skeleton obviously improved ones material and social status in great class leaps

This gave a great counterfeit sense of power to the ego that would diminish over time

Requiring another quick purchase to sustain a modicum of happiness


Our living bones we kept to ourselves

These talking skeletons were dignified and wholly reliable

They were powerful and eloquent ancestors that we clung close to in the darkening times

As Alfred’s protégé I sat in the midnight ceremonies with this liminal council

Both eerie and comforting at the same time their very presence changes you

Under tutelage I have recorded some of their rapturous monologue

Alfred had made me the executor of his will disclosing all inclusive rights

“Bring these oracular words to the public” it says “with any editing discretion you find necessary”

“It is time at this critical juncture for earth’s inhabitants to know its own sunset”


And as with any ancient but living sacred story

You are meant to see yourself in it for healing and transformation

Let the acoustics of its vowels and consonants slip through your defenses

This story was born long before literary devices like subterfuge

Skeleton parables have their own inherent devices

I have added a short biography for each entity

The following was told to me directly and is completely unedited

So the listener might feel the integrity and visceral immediacy

And carry its energetic surge of retelling light to brighten the darkness


As soon as I would rest my fingers on their blanched phalanges

They would tell me what should be known in our world

There dialogue might sound quixotic or enigmatic at times

But I believe this discourse to be very insightful and vital to our survival

I have given the birth names of each skeleton along with their etymological names

Stay loose ponder carefully quietly slowly digest

The reward is spine tingling


Althea (The Healer)

“Resurrect my old holy hands

Slide them along your lifeline

Feel the sacred meaning

In each wrinkle of time

I have an old mountain to grow

Slowly slow to make my future ancestors glow”


Althea has a posthumous book of riddles titled Day Dreams in a Desert Cave

Out of print now for being written in ancient Sanskrit

It is in fact a map of divinations from the Gnostics

Channeled by Althea during her last year on earth

It resides in a broken vault in the basement of a Brooklyn library

Police Breaking and Entering reports

State Modus of Operandi found inconclusive

No arrests were made

Forensic reports note Arabian Desert sand by the vault door

Facilities manager statement

Claimed the basement “is notoriously haunted”


Ivagenos (Yew Tree Born)

“I have ridden the hidden energies

Shell currencies of Africa

Brass bells of ceremonial horses

I have seen the Tree Of Life re-grown

From the mystical mist gardens

Of primordial Buddha’s and Madonna’s”


Ivagenos is known for his wild eccentricities

He once quaffed hot white candle wax with us present

Spewed it back into the flame like a circus show

In the midst of the erupted flame

An instructive pagan ritual appeared in the lucent flicker

Until the light went out

He was once an instructor of chaos

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Gatteglan (Wise Pure One)

“I have carried invisible baskets of hives and lighting into the crowds of fear

To awaken your souls pattern of being

I have resurrected the multi-faceted crystals of all my un-mined thoughts

I draw out the darkness from burning empty pockets of the dead”


Gatteglan worked in the Peace Corps and Red Cross until she got tired of the politics

She then removed herself from the world becoming a recluse

Hiding behind the corrupt façade of democracy and socialism

Gave this wild hermit plenty of time for her formidable creative talent

Paradoxically her reputation grew by default

Her shards and weavings of wisdom were hurled at trespassers

Baffled by her rude genius

Word spread quickly

And as more uninvited approached her humble cottage

She would howl haunting noises in unison with her pet coyote

Eventually she was forgotten about until now


Barnabus (Son of Prophecy)

“My testimony has been corrupted by half listeners

The chasm between us is filled with dull knives and hidden serpents

I have gone back to leaning against the window of my vision

The path tilts into boundless design

The rusted chain washes away

My vessel moves through the glass

Into the crisp thin distance

I am like a guest of myself

It’s too late for words about existence

They have all traveled too deep inward”


Barnabus was a fully tenured professor an esteemed philosopher of our parallel universe

A deep thinker unmatched in his depths of ponderous thought

He would spend years studying the history of a single word

All the way back to its fragmented primeval utterance

Barnabus had a stint in the Merchant Marines and rode the rails during the depression

During the dot com boom he sent gift crates of apples to various CEO’s

They were stolen from Eden


Amaterasu (Shining Over Heaven)

I sweep and sweep the pearl black surface of your eyes

Grand Mother Moon your reflection of warmth underneath

The light of rust dark chimneys


Amaterasu was an obscure but gifted mythopoetic conjurer

She was a psychopomp for those who died early in life

She never wore a dress and preferred hiking in snowy peaks to look for caves


Branogenos (Raven Born)

“Your habitat is not yet gone

My pillaged messages still cling

To the clicking and chattering of trees in the wind

Above the burial grounds

My words will be exhumed signal fires

Furnaces of light

In a world gone cold

I am the perpetual chanting mantras

Resilience of Nature and your nature

The frenetic energy of rebirth

In the hibernating death ode


I am the formations of luminescence

In the pigment of your skin

Curl cresting into the universe

In ecstatic abandon

Of words between words never spoken

But thought of and lived in the breath”


Branogenos never talked about himself but was mesmerizing in conversation

He projected images of himself that appeared and then left in a flash

Hypnotizing  the unsuspecting

Intent listeners slurred they were drunk on the heavens


My new assignment with Alfred was located at a remote inaccessible site

Where all our ancestors go for their most pressing issues

When I myself died Alfred and I served together at said gated outpost

With Alfred being chief council of the dead

We received all newcomers here as well

We were never bored

Always playing pranks on the newly dead

So many of them confused you know

It was a way to get them to lighten up and see clearly

But we were tender too for those who really needed it

Always busy we were helping people return to earth

With new vows and commitments to new spirit allies

We helped them redefine their roles to address unfinished business

We were caring for fish and seaweed too anthropoids’ ferns everything really

All kinds of life forms I spent lifetimes learning their languages

I was captivated by beings from whom no discernible sound or sign was emitted

Like communing whales without sonar singing or body language

These translucent beings carried a spiritual vapor in the breath

Exhaling the essence of novel length information

Transmitting  vivid images of the past present and future invisible to the human eye


Anyways space is opening up Alfred and I are soon to retire

And if you are one of the chosen few to have read this far along

You might be interested in applying for work at the outpost

Send alpha brain waves that signal your interest

Without dream or emotional distortion it must be clear

And we will know whether you’re ready for the next step

This type of resume defies fabrication or egoic embellishment

You will also need to triangulate yourself and provide your grid reference

Along with the oldest ancestors name that you know

Include what tree and landscape is your favorite

Then address your mind to the seventh soul organism

We are waiting there

Deadline is sooner than you know


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