Call Call Out Of Your Sleeping


I write into the caged ribs of the night

So others might see their arrested light

Inscribe amnesia’s void with my moonlit ink stroke

Scrawl wandering into dawns wavering line

Unraveling indoctrination’s that put you under the spell of the dead

Your ghost heart peers through the mask of its uncooked soul


Pretending who you are it’s true I can see inside you

Pretense building up defenses but not fast enough


Conqueror who fell climbing the center stage

I was the steppingstone that let loose

Understand falling to learn the depths of ascent


You the chisel the ax and the hammer

I the scapegoat with no remorse

The seas murmuring consciousness

You the clicking of a trillion beach pebbles

No one can separate us


I the tailor made raiment’s for your death song submission

You the buried oracular bones

If you were the sage still born

I was the midwife that carried the wisdom


A whorl eternal the fingerprint of a ghost

Before the earth was born

You the modern detective

Who searches for my story


In the emissions of exhausted time scattered tribes and cosmologies


Narcissistic  neighbors rolling over one another in fear and grandiosity


Eradicated names and cultures in cycles of counterfeit power


Empire of human dross playing unconscious pawns into cunning siege


Manipulating  perceptions of success into your identity mirage


I the tired old man digesting all this before I was born

I called and called from the dark tide

Until my other self took me in


No longer was I a passing stranger

My way inward was away from the outer predator

Emptying the secular into the law of nature

Primeval vapor swirls through my material body now

A disappearing Qi into my bird like source


I know these are not easy words to live through

These out of print words from an invisible source

High cost of shipping words from a dead author

Words that know their own stems

Were torn from the softened earth’s crust


May your conscience ferry the bleeding sap trails through the terminus

Clear the long custom lines between us

The suspended black dot under my question mark

Weary in its reflection


I see through your transparencies

Uncomfortable thoughts at the end of a long sentence

Fissures of your sublunary world are quickening

Penetrating the withered deity of all horizons


With one wing floating on the water

Who will revive her

She who is your other

In the pain body’s eclipse

Malleable porous cells of reality

Call call out of your sleeping


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