Prevailing Home

Ceaselessly Becoming

Prevailing Home


I the eye the primordial consciousness of trade winds

Cartographer of all homes inside and out

Know the pigeon holes, withered flowers and dead anecdotes

The forgotten skeleton keys in the deceptions of autonomy

The madness of the capricious moon both stoic and wild

The bleating chants inside the sheep skull

I the eye map the melting ice, the silences downwind

A feint whistling can be heard in my rolling cloud breath


I keep deer antlers and dawn rising

Listen to raven and pine colluding

Sun bringing insects closer to cosmic thought


Listen listen to this wind of scythes and arrowheads

The meteoric house disintegrates into stratospheres whole

Fragments of memory blending into surroundings

With sensitive antenna the tree moth stares at me

Exhaling this story, brushes the marsh tuft and swamp lump

Bog bracken and brown stream

My calling words live inside the small gestures

Portents for your thoughtful attention

Impelling interrelationship with the unfolding mystery

Between the outworn ghost of yourself and recent unfamiliar

Your prevailing home is a chrysalis and nexus

Incubating in the changing answers


My home is a nascent narrative like yours

With smoke, distances and a few stray birds

Infinite eyes of dead stars beckoning the darkness

Vision highlighting the burning nucleus of your body

To fill the empty corners of existence

The pause between breaths

Stillness of undigested grief


I pull the rusted nail out of your window frame

See sky outdoing itself in spacious thought

I rotate the iron stirring stick in the milky way

Mixing end and beginning together

Now look at your home passing through

Every thought, feeling and season


My door is a storm cloud of your pent up anger

Door handle a rainbow refraction of your reflections

There is a chair inside for you

Made from a tornadoes broken home

My bed is made of lightning for vivid dreams

For the loneliness that can’t be held


Some days I idle about on my porch

Lazy and restless at the same time

I hurtle my strange feelings onto the earth

Encountering insecure confident ones

Who tell their confused haunted stories

Holy stunt diversions to get me howling

Ciphers in an epic poem


Try fishing with your patterned rationale of regurgitated explanation

There’s no tangible sea bottom without the pressure of deep sea diving

Consider every expanding and shrinking shadow on a moonless night

The myriad subtle nuances that escape your awareness

Within our shared world maybe it would be easier

If a sky spouse miraculously birthed you a new home

Where everything is comfortably known in a flat line to the end


A meaningful mutable life carries a homesickness you attune with

Some people choose the end without knowing it

Communion  with death is nondenominational

Keep your home clear and I will mine

Don’t expect anyone or anything

To do your cleaning or take away your refuse

There’s a reclamation of dross before moving forward

There’s an advisory at the gate

Creaking wooden sign with paint chip words

Avarice is a short trip to a long fall

Arduous climb for those seeking a way out of the abyss

See the shadow of  your grizzled warden on the way out

He has the self made prison key you left him in the fall


Before the screen blacks out

I should mention a story you can relate to

There was a time when I argued with rain pelting

Thunder got involved and we cracked our mirror

But we exhausted ourselves into compromise before anyone got hurt

Sometimes that’s the nature of close encounter

Guests to one another’s life’s answers in passing bye


I’d like to say I know rain as much as I know my cousin winds

But I don’t know where rain camps when it’s not visiting

I followed it up one day to invisible aqueous vapor

I am a nomad too but you can generally feel me around

Its fall vanishes when I visit the desert

Issues with solar flares in interstellar equilibrium


We elemental’s get tangled in each other’s personal affairs

It’s our spontaneous spirit adding purpose and meaning

We have complex moods, but not the havoc and ruin of your crude tribes

Vainglorious creatures we find hard to address


Rain comes through my roof without knocking

Like bird dive and fin splash

Says it couldn’t resist passing by

Wants me to know my high ceiling crack needs maintenance

Got a hungry look at my polished living room floor

Wants a puddle there for a quick respite


We watch a storm moving in a movie I have on

Hey it showers moving closer and further away

In drained disillusionment

That storm is a cunning impersonator

It knows nothing of dark light

And we sighed at life’s folly


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