Traveling with the Ancestral Spirits

Travelling with the Ancestral Spirits FULL final P1040282

Assimilate the compressed shadow minutes

Of the stone winged heart

Draw in the otherworld nutrients

For soul and soil


With vowed ideograms of light eye go deep

In memory clouds and shallow holes of thought


Anchored but rocking in endless centers

Is the menagerie of life’s lyricism

Made from the fissures of rosary or mala bead

Songs for what is holy lacing the air


Replenish my speech fire old mountain drum

With compass needle beater

Unmoor my skull fossil shell


Fish for eyes in sinew gardens

Of bitter taste and beauty


Full moon of madness swollen with the incoming time

Reverent word mist spread thin over abandoned spirit ports

Laying in the seabed of sighs


Far from the mother tongue of how we were as a people

Banded with all living things

In this wind library of time


Under matted mackerel clouds

My primal conch voice and restless vision

Disperses silver tears in breakers


Rustling the far shore of this pelagic map

Lucid magpies upsurge in gust above the mob static


I beat my skin drum for their bone frozen light

For the animals and trees wind and rain

I see dried up flowers for the haste of our neglected sun

Once held in sanctity crooning behind faded walls

In wildflower weeds a coven of bees


Lure polymorphic vernacular to join in weave honey

Into visceral belief become conscious again

Of our unfinished story splintering blue

On the turtle shell of the earth

Into this mosaic womb shroud shimmering

With our ancestors and angel