Life Is Put On Notice

L1090134absolute best - Copy

Teaching me once again

The stellar fire whispers its synapses creations

Through my soul skin

Moving currents of the earth birth neurons

With syllabic micro organisms

Of the primeval alphabet garden

Aflame under the flat stone

Two worlds spiraling neither here nor there

And the first letter created was O for wholeness

Head and tail coming together in writhing contortions

Thieves of dusk in the tattered earth notebook

O in the life circle Ouroboros

Unity of all living things all our relations

In eternal conduit

From the end of the word serpent

Turning the world inside out

To the repeated things

Remembered in the heart beat drum

Twitching eye thrash of vivid dream

Soul lit stories in the blood and brine

In the Rowans berried head

Mostly fallen to the floor

Dropping its deep red of the just past ripe

From its orange leaf best arrested

Branches rush their conversation excited

Hissing in the cellular air

Spine of the Axis Mundi

Vibrating above the graveyard bones

The aged and leaking childlight on the escarpment

Ancient travelers of the deep

Returning again our forgotten sacred words

For the cities built on the ashes of villages

Sterile placated paradigms programmed in the darkness

Coyotes bellowing through the ghost holes

Below the backward tongues of crow babble

Medicine words for the drummer on the canoe bow

Through the glacial valley of presupposition

Jaguar in the water words for reverence

My thoughts splinter into word animals

Finding homes in the earth crust wind and wave

I try touching the place inside me

Where butterfly wingtips meet above their body

A whirl of dried leaves crosses the barren

Trailing the honeybee their souls singing allegiance

To the holy earth spell

Our life is put on notice

With deep seeing into the ash

And fuchsia streams of pollen


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