In Descent You’ll Arrive Ensouled

The Lifebringers 2 BEST

The breath turns into a charcoal sketch

Across the dim lit sky of vertical dives

Raven aerial acrobatics unreasonable

Path of desire through the turbulence of our times

Underworld rising with our denial

Air darkened and strained passage over hope

A floating stone in a sea with no salt


My scrawling words had to dismantle

Careful logic for the mystery of groundless change

By moonlight allegiances I am bound

Attentive to a ritual life of hunting lost souls

In the alchemy of sticky patience, mud and sweat

Until the ancient calendar break

Us free from the spell of time


And butterfly climb the ladder of fern migrating to light

And smeared words come back in mushroom spores

Germinate and grow into new individuals

And the cat cry up into the Fairy full sky

Into my eyes when I’m changing consciousness

In streams in streams we miss so many times

Balancing the tension of shadow bright

In the deific theater of transfiguration

A stage is set with props for the inner myths

Coming alive


Sol reveals it was a runaway child of longing

From cold Luna parents with atmospheres

Of undigested grief


How Sol passed through the black hole of narrow restrictions

To spiritual maturation unfolding from the inner outward


Sol “I remember remembering too much

And found myself returning back in amortization

Before the time when trapped fossils emerged

From Limestone speaking of otherworld’s

Counting zeros above the ones

Each step backward and forward

Adult Child Adult reconnoitered

A consciousness delineated

To know the venerable precise words

Of poetry streaming through

To keep me alive

Transforming me into the other

I would come to know”


“I  lived in a dreaming ritual in a rookery of avian spirits

And return to this world wearing plumes of night shade

And turtledove and turkey vultures in love

A nature linguist and art circuit director

Speaking in tree tongue to grow new

Avuncular masses of leaves rattling wind

Groaning branches and penetrating silences

Shamanic composer conducting outward nature

To reveal oneself as the inherited

Ancient with earth parents Ardor and Muse

A woman of moon crater troubles becoming a healer

A child of wanton wild behavior becoming a holy clown

A trickster of poetry rolling into itself

Overlapping lyric to change our character roles

For empathic understanding

We are interwoven stories beholden to interstellar weather”


My story is our story

It is the Magpie’s story of how it obtained tail feather sheen

And why the white dove wear’s a black eye patch unseen


“I brought all the ashes of fixed ideas in with their premade urns

Laid them to rest at every funeral

For everything in life is created for change with the deepening”


Into the silence of solitude, wilderness and insight

Gestate wisdom until silence find itself alone again

With three sisters; Consecration, Blessing and Reciprocity


I spiral home adorned in a cultivated headdress of my painted oracles

I speak through the gateway to all heavens and hells

A sovereign feathered creature you faintly recognize

As one of your own


I no longer whisper here and there

As the “I” in me has taken the hard earned path

To know both substance and passing phenomena

Serpentine spaces where the divine is made

Translucent like Indian corn


Where owl, jaguar and spider thoughts

Come together

Like gold kernels rolling in divination

Unveiling the path of soul wandering for all


Eye see your drifting in the collective unconscious

And medicine chant across your constellations


With calling song I lure you into the evergreen forest and sing Heya Ho

Follow the pathway of deep connections

I fly around into your name with all your vowels

And syllables vibrating with a healers chant

Hi Ya Hey into your emotional heart dimensions

Take my birch spirit into your garden of sorrow Hoka Hey grow

Take my spirit bear in with growling sound

Rumbling fears resound routing fear routing

Hiya Hey Hoka Hey go through the earth into your dark hole

With your featherless body without your tight hold

Vulnerable body into the earth apprentice

To the spirit world, vast, beautiful and wild

Watch the hidden shadow subterranean

Silver turning gray in your thoughts out loud

Hoka Hey Hiya Hey

This is the doorman knocking the drum

Getting in getting in while you’re still there

Gatekeeper jumps into the circle you dug

Take this torch to your incubating soul

I give my hand to your calendar wheel

Roll my chant to your rising stance

With my Hoka Hey obsidian knife to cut you free

From rotted roots with smoky song Hoka Hey

I paint you ethereal rising from your grave

With higher octave lighting your way Hiya HiYa hiYa Hey


Hoo Hoo with blue stone pigment and pumice

Sculpting the texture clawing the rough

For the troubled man still there in uncultivated bog

Ancestors flailing within his modern thoughts

With his unmade harp to sing with eagle

On snow capped peaks of unlived lives


I remove you from your body away

To live as a branch in our rookery tree

Until  your wavering falling leaves turn dry

Rustle home to be buried into the earth

In descent you’ll arise ensouled with my Hiya Ho

And your own song rustling rustles home

With rhythmic stories of our treetop sojourns with falling stars

“Bowls of moon water were served

In rooms of one another

We quenched our need with renewable light

Solar flare Hiya Hey! reverence for life!”



Wilderness of the Holy Heart

L1100353 cropped

And what news of community brother and sister?

Has the one handed King sacrificed for the fertility of the land

Well being of the people

Buried hand that emanates from the otherworld

So we might see into the hand of our own work

And read the inner life lines

To be at our center for centering

And hear the Sidhe speak through the moss oak hollow

Through wasp, ant and worm into the underworld

Of death angels in rhythmic transfiguration’s

Of separation and union smelted into the embryonic infinity loop

Beginning and ending as one evanescent truth

Remembered and forgotten in our blueprints of being

Sleeping through the umbilical of earth mother

And star father schisms on the dark side of the moon

Where space and time was colonized by polarities

In the coronal holes of our honeyed amber reflections

Life becomes a miming of what once was

And now plains of the Serengeti hunting for its animal feeling

In the fragmented magnetic north

The lost bird sound in the deforestation of the mind

Our dark god heaving more ice into the sea

Dismembering continents retracting consciousness

Seeing hearing only what we want to see and hear

Beyond the last acre of silence

The shamans cone hive droning

With feral hermit sounds

With serpent eggs for eyes

Reflecting the ancient calendar wheel

Between two thunderclouds

The ossified bone of our lost lives sinks deeper

Into the microbes of the spirit of corn

Still present in the decomposition

The spirit of our indigenous hands

Tattooed with the spirit of jaguar

With wet ayahuasca vine

Reflecting in its eye

Stalking the golden pollen trails

Of our kinship and veneration with nature

Our oracular vision arising from our ancient future

Into the wilderness of the holy heart

Serving the Grail

the dreamers fligt

Serving the Grail


I wait for you as a dreaming blue coyote outside your door

I crack you open with my heaving shimmering summons

Yipping my polyphonic fervor into your telluric fever

Into the cacophony of your alluvial soul

I bring scraps of medicinal words for your dying times

I yip yap my staccato howl

From the grit and grist of the desert you created

Singing into your cave a mellifluous body attunement

May your animal body flourish

With the sounds of creation

The ninety six Sanskrit words for love.

The lost language of raven mantras

The courtship invocation for rain

As second skin to the desert

With my solar breath tendrils in the cavern

Of your darkening skull

With my inner pulsars in your lung

Animating the extinct large cranes of consciousness

Across the tectonic fault lines

Of babble seeking more of itself

Piercing the sleeping veil of sated illusions with alarm calls

Your dark God solvent filling the dusk horizon with sleepless ghosts

Hollow instruments devouring the world

In omega dissolution

I wait like a man with eagle feathered arms

Doing the internal eternal dance

Crying my primeval terraqueous beauty

To crack open your “I” into “we”

Filled with dead friends  and animal deities

Disinterred blood brothers in forced migration

To live inside the other

To live inside the earth

To live inside the Grail

Like four sheep in the belly of a green field

Green field in the belly of the herd

Four crows inside the head of an oak

Waiting for the mollusk moon

To feed your pensive mood

To extract the clever toxins of inflated power

In your center vertex the self takes root and flowering heights

I hurtle like a foliated bell through realities

With your sonic heart beats

Listen how to grow from the composted earth

Replant your corn ears to the ground

Harvest the jeweled multifaceted being inside you