Serving the Grail

the dreamers fligt

Serving the Grail


I wait for you as a dreaming blue coyote outside your door

I crack you open with my heaving shimmering summons

Yipping my polyphonic fervor into your telluric fever

Into the cacophony of your alluvial soul

I bring scraps of medicinal words for your dying times

I yip yap my staccato howl

From the grit and grist of the desert you created

Singing into your cave a mellifluous body attunement

May your animal body flourish

With the sounds of creation

The ninety six Sanskrit words for love.

The lost language of raven mantras

The courtship invocation for rain

As second skin to the desert

With my solar breath tendrils in the cavern

Of your darkening skull

With my inner pulsars in your lung

Animating the extinct large cranes of consciousness

Across the tectonic fault lines

Of babble seeking more of itself

Piercing the sleeping veil of sated illusions with alarm calls

Your dark God solvent filling the dusk horizon with sleepless ghosts

Hollow instruments devouring the world

In omega dissolution

I wait like a man with eagle feathered arms

Doing the internal eternal dance

Crying my primeval terraqueous beauty

To crack open your “I” into “we”

Filled with dead friends  and animal deities

Disinterred blood brothers in forced migration

To live inside the other

To live inside the earth

To live inside the Grail

Like four sheep in the belly of a green field

Green field in the belly of the herd

Four crows inside the head of an oak

Waiting for the mollusk moon

To feed your pensive mood

To extract the clever toxins of inflated power

In your center vertex the self takes root and flowering heights

I hurtle like a foliated bell through realities

With your sonic heart beats

Listen how to grow from the composted earth

Replant your corn ears to the ground

Harvest the jeweled multifaceted being inside you


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