Wilderness of the Holy Heart

L1100353 cropped

And what news of community brother and sister?

Has the one handed King sacrificed for the fertility of the land

Well being of the people

Buried hand that emanates from the otherworld

So we might see into the hand of our own work

And read the inner life lines

To be at our center for centering

And hear the Sidhe speak through the moss oak hollow

Through wasp, ant and worm into the underworld

Of death angels in rhythmic transfiguration’s

Of separation and union smelted into the embryonic infinity loop

Beginning and ending as one evanescent truth

Remembered and forgotten in our blueprints of being

Sleeping through the umbilical of earth mother

And star father schisms on the dark side of the moon

Where space and time was colonized by polarities

In the coronal holes of our honeyed amber reflections

Life becomes a miming of what once was

And now plains of the Serengeti hunting for its animal feeling

In the fragmented magnetic north

The lost bird sound in the deforestation of the mind

Our dark god heaving more ice into the sea

Dismembering continents retracting consciousness

Seeing hearing only what we want to see and hear

Beyond the last acre of silence

The shamans cone hive droning

With feral hermit sounds

With serpent eggs for eyes

Reflecting the ancient calendar wheel

Between two thunderclouds

The ossified bone of our lost lives sinks deeper

Into the microbes of the spirit of corn

Still present in the decomposition

The spirit of our indigenous hands

Tattooed with the spirit of jaguar

With wet ayahuasca vine

Reflecting in its eye

Stalking the golden pollen trails

Of our kinship and veneration with nature

Our oracular vision arising from our ancient future

Into the wilderness of the holy heart


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