Biographical Notes of Spotted Jaguar


Biographical Notes of Spotted Jaguar

(Inconsistent with anthropological surveys)


I was a spotted jaguar boy of the boreal border lands

Out of my element and season I apprenticed in contract

For forty seven years to the moon and horned owl

To finally become spotted jaguar man with star markings

Rendering me invisible to most human tribes


Allied jaguar inside me whose honed quiet attention would come to know

The transmutation medicine I would carry into Kali Yuga


Ardent intrepid ruminative initiate

Watching the small flame of my mind image dance

In animal colors of mystical seclusion


I kept my altar suspended on a small crumbling ledge

Suppressed in musty smells and dim light

The subterranean concrete hid me within

The monochrome of daily modern life

I kept removed from the eyes of my own people

Beauty secreted away in my visionary spirit


The challenges were great wrestling the demons

And myriad malignant spirits

Redressing my troubled ancestors

Healing and understanding the multi-dimensional lives

Past lives and underworld creatures

Often a sorrowful undertaking

This resolute service was my calling


After much patient instruction from her all-consuming moods

Lunar’s gravity slowly turned me over to do my work with tiger owl ally

Through the dark side of the pines and marsh creek currents

I heard my name cry out from the great horned owl

My teacher mentor known as Winged Tiger from the mystical owl societies

“Hey Panthera Onca  away in the north of February overcast

Time to retrieve another one of your humanoid kin”


My blue hued large cat tracks in the snow drum out ahead of me

My breath follows the shape of the palpating river vein

Trails along the resin scented cliff bottom panting

A ring of perceiving sparks around an ancient tree

Blazing upward to the stone outcrop

Above whitewater skirting boulders and downward

My invertebrate drift in passive paw prints and camouflage wing

Flowing  beneath the ice shelf’s booming cracks

I pass the buried hunters and trappers

In red black pattern checks huddled around

The cool charcoal of the stone ringed fire camp long abandoned

Wandering the winter suns estuary of the otherworld


I do the foreseen necessary gyre along the deep sea basin

Using wings as fins feeling the boundless expanse of sand

Swirling eons of soft abrasion

Polishing down to its essence

The vital encrypted words

Passwords Jaguar is consigned to sing

To the dead ones lost and tumbling in the abyss


I send the bone sharp whistle of these words through your crypts

The elements and elementals circling me attracted to the sound

Other selves making me others disassembling me

I am change change healing  shadows of flame

Freeing the fossils from limestone

Salt waves dismantling the ground sleet of your souls

Vanishing the dead wings of your ghosts

Incomplete silences of the inner nocturne looking to rest


These animate  words have a mind and a life of their own

They change their skeletal letters to compose present moment to bygone era

Be careful how you listen to their shifting aggregate

Mouth of the river tongue rolling guttural stone voices in the surf

Lead me to meet the creature of oceanic utterance


I croon compass words for navigating the way home

Crows fly through these words with mewing and growl

Wing my aerial sight through the ethereal crescent light


Keep your language integral translucent to the sacred way

Cut loose the mask let fall into the mystery

Listen to the sound of your bound spirit fathers

Roar the yearning you can let go


My throat opens up the falling stars of your thoughts

Descending in the grunts of cold black depths

To the bone lights of your guardian spirit

Breathe resuscitate fathers you are not alone


I the Yaguarete of the one leap death

Knows what death is like for you

Feel my long tail trailing along your tree of life

My indian yellow fur with sepia undertone

My mars black rosettes pierce the wounded darkness

With claws of my hissing healer song


Pay attention pay attention father mother brother sister

Horned owl voice regurgitates the whole vision

All around the wisdom reverberates clarity

“Hoo Hoo know who you are  before you fly

Hoo out of the dark hole she says it’s just a visit”


No trace of who I was only what I have become

Spotted jaguar knocking on your concealed door

I bear the antidote to the righteous reasoning of vanity

A bird of waterfall green changing consciousness

Subtle slow drowning of narcissism

A child of poetry in moon drum reflection

Beating the evil greed of corrupted power scatter


Chants becoming a cat man hunter

Scent of lost souls in the ash of the fire

A dream beneath the undulating tide

Migrating slowly to the island of your being

I hold the light and dark together in a phosphorescent net

Probe your isle to the DNA crossroads


To see the undivided self in the duality of the center

Turn west for the urn of our fathers


I come with what you ask for

With egg plumage and moon cast

The transfused glint of dawn

Reigniting your unconscious death


I scatter the voltaic magic symbols

In candle wax design on the floor

Fathers look down

Mothers sisters brothers look down



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