The Soul Navigator Healing Services


 SHAMANIC HEALING SERVICE One to one healing, guidance and vision quest service with shamanic practitioner Brian Brogan.


“Healing The Souls Blueprint” copyright Brian Brogan


 Details of The Soul Navigator Healing sessions

A service for individuals looking for guidance and healing; through ritual, drumming, healing energy, readings and consultation.

These sessions quicken you and expand awareness – healing, unblocking and releasing dormant energies to empower you. The Soul Navigator healing service is created to provide deeply comprehensive and supportive healing for individuals. The service is divided into two sessions with one week between each session. Each session lasts approx. 2 hours. Your first session with Brian begins with a consultation where he will explain what to expect during the session, and you can tell him about what you feel you need from your Soul Navigator journey – any health or life issues or inner promptings which you seek help with.

When you are comfortable Brian will then drum for you and also mediate healing energy and vision for you while you relax and let the vibration and rhythms of the shamans drum wash through you – this is a very personal and often times moving experience unique to every individual. Everyone receives information or healing differently through the senses or body, the experience can be subtle and clear or powerful, assisting you in moving forward in life.

There is a processing, a sharing between the two of you after the experience. Brian’s experience often mirrors closely what you will experience. His interpretation expands upon your own experience and awareness which brings a deep sense of validation and support. He will describe in vivid detail what he received in vision from the Spirit world for you, describing allies or helpers, animal guides or symbols~ anything and everything can arise from the Otherworld for you.

A week later at your second healing session Brian will again drum and also mediate healing and vision for you. He will also inform you of what came through during the follow up vision work which was done for you between sessions in the intervening week – to create a deeper holistic and specific healing and consultation session during this appointment.

Cost of 250 euros for two sessions

DISTANT WORK is done in a similar process, with consultations, and guidance by skype.

For clients who want ADDITIONAL FOLLOW UP SUPPORT.  1 hour counseling/guidance 85 euros.

MENTOR/TUTOR – available for those who feel they have been called to the SHAMANIC PATH/WAY OF LIFE.  Contact Brian to discuss suitability.

“The Soul Navigator”

“Each of us has a spirit inside us- an ancient traveler of The Deep, who accompanies us on both the high and the low roads of our life Journey. It preserves` and carries our mysterious longing for the shining Horizon, that enlivened  the spirit with hope, health and inspiration when we first set out on our individual Path. We carry this light as an inner star-star of wisdom and vision. It gifts us with an inner sense of knowing and Destiny that supports and guides us on the Souls Pilgrimage along the River of Life. Everyone’s life is full of stormy seas that afflict us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The human coracle of heart and body can become beleaguered and stranded when the challenges come hard and fast. We can lose sight of this star, this light…. All to often, we become stuck, frozen with health problems and issues tangling us in all areas of our life and relationships.  When we lose our connection to our individual soul compass -we can lose hope, lose direction and the energy to move forward, we can feel like where at a dead end, a kind of death.

It’s shamanic Healer’s work, to journey both for us and with us, clearing what is blocking the path forward and cutting us off from a full life. Shamanic Healing is not passive-it gifts profound,  gives direct experiences to the individual which actively helps transfigure their inner landscape, aiding them to heal in a way that supports their unique nature. It does not impose anything on the client, but in a very real way helps them rediscover their own personal passion and vision side by side with healing.  As healing progresses, the inner and outer, and day to day life begins to align again. Most clients express that they feel more “solid,”  “stronger,” “clear” as their spirit is restored. Once more they become reconnected to their own innate light and wisdom, which gives them back strength and courage. Literally they connect again to their “soul compass” and  enjoy  the adventure of using their healthy instincts and intuition, mind and drive, to steer their path through the seas of life. It is a gift to witness vitality return to people and see their light increase……it greets us in the shining eyes of our kindred spirits and guides who help us on the magical journey of life….” Brian Brogan

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“The Soul Navigator” painting copyright Brian Brogan 2016

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