Commissioned Shamanic Art Service

 COMMISSIONED SHAMANIC ART SERVICE –  My distant work, includes counseling/guidance and shamanic vision seeking service – the client receives a personal Medicine Painting.


For this distant work; I use all my ‘shamanic’ art visioning practices – working with the client/seeker, the Otherworld, and this one in manifesting something the Spiritworld reveals and ensouls. It is a demanding process but deeply rewarding and healing too.

“The Soul Compass” service is dedicated to helping people find and/or clarify the direction their own Soul Compass is trying to nudge them into on their unique life journey. The process begins with  a skype/phone or email “consultation,” and sending a photo of yourself to establish a connection between us and pin point what the client/seeker -seeks… before we “plumb the depths” of the Spirit waters.

After our exchange I open the sacred directions set the intention with prayers to Spirit and my own “helpers” before drumming and traveling in vision, and making myself open to mediate whoever and whatever is needed by my client. Afterwards I sketch and make notes and also do readings for the client with my own unique vision deck to fully elucidate everything that has come through the waves to the best of my ability. The Energy encountered in vision coalesces into beings, helpers, words of “guidance” and prayers etc. I gather up all that is so richly gifted from the Otherworld – compile a written summary to be printed and forwarded and start working on their personal ensouled painted story.

I drum (sage, prayer/bless) in the course of making the painting – drumming right into the painted vision and the paint itself – making a strong “bridge” for the client. Your painting remains an energetically charged, spiritually infused piece of Medicine art.

The charge for this “Soul Compass” distant counseling/vision seeking work 250 euro with Medicine Art is 490 euro – plus shipping. 

The painting size is 23.5 x 31.3 inches (no framing needed, as shown on etsy and facebook) textured with many layers of paint and energy. The subject matter of your painting is generally chosen by the Spiritworld, and the whole vision story will make it into the painting. This is always without fail a surprising, exciting, revealing, and very supportive and encouraging for the client/seeker. Empowered paintings, they are the memory of vision, and carry the energy of the mapped path ahead.

If you feel you would like to have this intensely personal “Soul Navigator” service, then please feel welcome to email me here via the Contact page.

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