Medicine Art Gallery

Hi! This medicine art gallery space is currently under construction. In the meantime you can take a peak at my art via the links below while I carry on hammering nails into the  invisible wall here… 🙂

A little bit about my relationship with Shamanic Art…….

The thinking and philosophy of many indigenous people worldwide does not separate art from healing and religion. When living a genuinely embodied shamanic way of life it is the same.  Over the years I came to realize my paintings harnessed and contained the energy and spirits of my shamanic journeys, dreams and visions. When handfuls of people experienced dreams, visions and spontaneous encounters in relationship to my paintings I felt ready to talk about it. Their vivid interactive connection, and generous sharing of their encounters with my painted stories, held up a mirror for me to reflect on my own deepening contribution to the sacred shamanic arts.

When I create a medicine painting for a client-everything encompassed in the canvas has come from the shamanic journey undertaken by me for healing and to retrieve guidance for the client. These empowered paintings become “soul houses,” spirits called into the paint  guide its creation, crackle like lightning through the canvas illuminating the mediums which become charged with the allies, guides, presences and powers encountered in inner vision.  They enter the art and remain as a  bridge between the spiritual dimensions and the client bringing healing, protection and guidance on the journey ahead.  

The Dreamers Flight

“Awake enough in the dream to know one is in the darkness, in the mystery. A holy fool wandering and searching through the dark wood without a path, strange twists and turns, pitfalls, caves, a dim moon, pins of starlight and then storm lightning. But the one who enters here has always followed their instinct, dreams and visions. An active participant in the poetic dream language, synchronistic flow of life, the rhythm of the drum whose voice connects – takes flight through the turbulence of transformation where everything is stripped away and returned increased – the souls journey embodying grace, deep communion with the spirit world of your inner and outer. Honey harvested big hearted wanderer through space and time, yet wise enough to keep seeking in the ever unfolding mystery.”

Ceaselessly Becoming

“Ceaselessly Becoming” copyright Brian Brogan 2016

Ceaselessly Becoming

Great Kachinas –like Angelic powers on the Threshold- support and usher forth
the utterance of Life on the great wheels of spiraling Time. The primal waters, the airs and aethers teem and pulse with sentient life in myriad forms. The luminescence of all revealed by the surging electric storm of generative lightning and thunder, that pulses with a ceaseless vibration that rolls through space and time……All this generous Life issues from the Timeless shore of The Mothers Ocean in the dark behind the stars where She Dwells-all lights that dance in her great eye.

You rise and fall
dissipate, gather in storm
spiral in current
collect in calm quiet.
Where do you end and where do you begin?
My medicine is good for your
infinite seeking
In this part of the journey
the fertile ground of being
goes deeper and deeper in Silence
past pronounced silence
into the honeyed vibration
the pulse of beginnings
Your ancient past and future
illuminate the present
Lightning night
Penetrating illusion
Ceaseless becoming
Primal seed and womb
of presences
Throngs of silence
You incarnate again
Open the lid
Of the mothers eye.

Poetry copyright Brian Brogan 2015

seeking the wisdom of the bees

“Seeking The Wisdom Of The Bee” copyright Brian Brogan 2016

“Seeking The Wisdom Of The Bee”

“A bees-eye glimpse into the world behind the world-into the realm of the Sidhe and kachinas and myriad elemental presences.  Ordinary dimensions and the familiar human perspectives have “flown away” shifted to an immeasurable timeless world with soul circumference…. Does the bee crannog-the little islet- float in the sky?  Is the sky really a great shining lake in their world? Up is down and the near horizon is just the edge of a far off dream to come. But the thrumm of their secret wings hidden in the airs is like the sound of distant drums, and their sweet singing calls us over and helps us to navigate the secret paths the bees follow through the air. Unseen helpers urge us to feel and be filled with the elemental powers of wind lightning and thunder hidden in vast oceans of clouds.. They teach us to navigate our own sacred journey to find the “flower of the heart,” and to return again with what we harvest, what we find inside.  A gift of joyful loving service to the brothers and sisters of all shape and form with whom we share this hive of the heart.”

L1090876Life is a gift from Death

“Life is a Gift from Death” copyright Brian Brogan 2016