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Tracking The Masked Dawn

Brogan weaves myths, nature, and the world beyond into a form that piques and challenges just like one might expect from a mischievous and wise coyote as a guide through this world and others.”

Dog Heart Land Press

“I’m hooked! Reading Brian’s new book of poems, Tracking the Masked Dawn. His poems are as bizarre and colorful as his paintings, conjuring up a flood of mental imagery. It’s easy to just lose myself in the pictures the words paint based on my own mental constructs and interpretations. Strange writing that fires up the individual’s imagination and makes your own unique impressions of his poetry come to life through fascinating word combinations – powerful, healing and prophetic are just a few of the adjectives that spring to mind after just starting to get deeper into Brian’s book.”

“The more I read these poems, the deeper they reach.” James M Michie

“Amazing poetry! I’m overjoyed to have discovered this poet. I had a week off work at Christmas, and loved it so much I read the book twice. Straight off, I’d say there is terrific spiritual depth to the poems but nothing either obvious or cloaked and preachy. Also, its not nature poetry- but- then again – it absolutely is, because every line pulses with the “lumen naturale” – the light of nature exuded by “the mysterious entity the earth.” The word “mythic” comes closest, but this writer is a zesty storyteller whose poetry naturally eludes easy classification while artfully conjuring vivid landscapes teeming with mysterious creatures and full to the brim with strange familiar entities, playful and cryptic and aligned with the invisible forces of nature. As with the best of storytelling you feel yourself inextricably drawn into intimate communion with its denizens. He wields the metalanguage of poetry like a magician, effortlessly keeping both the words and you- the reader alchemically shifting across invisible boundaries, overcoming the limitations of linear space and time, seamlessly communicating the interdependence of all aspects of our phenomenal world. If you are an adventurous reader, and/or someone who, for instance, enjoys the worlds of Neil Gaian, or the mythic consciousness streaming of Alan Gardner or the animal headed people and world boundary hopping of Charles de Lint- then, you’ll probably lap this poetry up!” Clair Delaney

“This book is beautiful, sweet, intriguing and inspiring heart and soul medicine. Sitting quietly reading your poems is to feel nourished, validated and transported into a very special place. Brian, you weave together such intricate, tender and both new and ancient wisdom into an exploration of this sacred world. Thank you for sharing this with us.” John Sakamoto-Kramer


The Hailing Light of Bees

poetry book 2

The Hailing Light of Bees, Scopcraeft Press

Some Words of Appreciation for the Hailing Light of Bees

“Brian Brogan’s poems are full-throttle, high voltage surrealism.  Here is a real barn burner of an effort, not unlike Andre Breton’s best work.  It’s a total affront to the rational mind and thus, for me, a refreshing, joyful read and a liberating experience.”  

Tom Mckeown – Author of The Luminous Revolver

“The Hailing Light of Bees is full of images which surprise and enlighten with a surreal touch that reveals more than it mystifies.  In the title poem, Brogan paints a canvas in which `spiders make movies out of my eyes / and paint my rib bones with half grown flowers.’  Such marvelous worlds await us on every page.”                                               

Doug Flaherty – Editor of Wolf Angel Press

“Brian Brogan’s words come spinning to us from new galaxies.”

Sarah Patton – Author of The Joy of Old Horses

“Brogan’s work generates a matrix of  tight ironies, a sensitive multisensual surrealism that delivers its shocks gently, teasingly, usually suggesting a counterpoint of hope for the insistent paradox of the human condition in songs, that, as he says “scatter like ponies in the rain”

Antony Oldknow – Author of “Quintinshill”

“The Hailing Light of Bees is poetry of delicate surreal disjunction whose gaps teem with eloquent suggestion of the undercurrents of other lives”                                                      

Cheryll Powell Hendershot – Co-Editor of Blackwater