“Real and lasting heart-centered healing. Thank you, Brian.”
Jill Herrick Lee, US client


“Amazing, deeply insightful experience. Found it very empowering. Thank you Brian.”
Catherine Mc Gowan, Ireland


“Brian is a genuinely authentic human being. His art reflects a deep shamanic connection to the Earth, and all of Her children…..i am honored to call Brian, a friend and brother. His work…insightful, colorful, soulful, multi-dimentional, speaks to my soul. A poet, an artist, yet so much more. wopila tanka kola wakan…..great thanks to you, my sacred friend.”
Aaron Greenbird, USA


“Brian Brogan is the real deal! His art speaks volumes about where his heart and head are.”
Ed Murphy


“Many thanks Brian for your Art and Shamanic Healing Services. I am eternally grateful for the help you have provided me and I would highly recommend Brian’s services to anyone”